7 tips to stay healthy & happy during Covid-19

Whether you’re active or not, working, or not: Covid-19 has changed everyone’s lives and habits overnight.

Many people don’t have the luxury of outside space and others live inner city with not many outside safe spaces to use and stay well away from others.

It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re stuck indoors with little to do other than scroll through social media or watch Netflix.

But there are ways you can create new habits during these testing times.

We’ve put together a list to help you…

1. Set your alarm (it may sound silly if you’re off work) but… routine is important for your mental health. Set it for a time that you feel is sensible. Perhaps 8am? As a suggestion. Once you wake up, don’t instantly reach for your phone and fill your brain with other people’s lives and the news. Just get up and make your bed, and get dressed, so you don’t feel tempted to get back in it! Leave your phone alone until you’ve done your morning routine. It takes 2 weeks to form and break habits.

2. If the weather’s nice, open a window facing the sun and get a bit of natural daylight on your skin and some fresh air, or if you have the luxury of a garden, go and sit outside and have your breakfast. Listening to the sounds of nature is also proven to have positive effects on your mental health too. Your Natural circadian rhythm has a huge effect on your mood, sleep and metabolism as well as many other positives.

3. Plan your meals: shopping has become an even more laborious task now that we have to do it alone but also queue to even get in the supermarket, so make a plan of each meal 3 times a day and snacks and make a shopping list to ensure you don’t miss anything off and have to make more unnecessary trips. Count your calories using an app, like myfitnesspal. You now have time to think about what you eat, make healthier choices and have a go at cooking something interesting too.

4. Try not to drink caffeine all day long, it affects your hydration, adrenal system and even interrupts your hormones too. Drink plenty of water and you’ll feel more alert and well. Wean yourself gradually over a week or so.

5. Take advantage of your local gyms and trainers doing online fitness classes, try something new in the comfort of your own home. Not only will you feel better as exercise releases endorphins but you’ll help your metabolism too as well as make you sleep more soundly. Exercise is imperative for good mental health so make it a priority. There are so many youtube videos you can use for free so there’s nothing to lose.

6. Set up a regular group chat with family or friends to stay in touch, whether it’s a virtual garden party, dinner party , fancy dress party, or pub quiz, get creative and it will give you something to look forward to.

7. Practice gratefulness every day. Instead of focussing on all the negatives of this situation, try to say out loud everything you’re grateful for, for example, your family, friends, fridge full of food, your lovely home, your health. Being grateful is the true path to happiness and we can all practice that every day.

We hope you enjoyed reading and feel inspired to try new things. Let us know if you have any tips… by heading to our socials and leaving a comment.