Have you ever been in a nurse’s car? If not, here are eight things you can expect to find in one:

1) Three pairs of worn out flat shoes

…because the amount of walking we do would give Forrest Gump a run for his money.

Have you ever gone into a shoe shop and said “Oh my God! Look how cushioned that sole is?” Yeah, didn’t think so, we have!

2) McDonalds bags

… we’re not proud of it but when you finish your shift three hours later than you were supposed to because you were, you know, nursing people! The only place that’s open is the 24hour McDonalds. Cooking at 3am just isn’t going to happen!

3) Make-up bag (women) deodorant/electric shaver (men)

… because on the odd occasion we actually get a social life, it’s usually straight after a shift so we have to get ready in the car. Walking out of a hospital toilet looking like the epitome of Saturday night doesn’t bestow much confidence in the patients in A&E!

4) Cardigans! In every imaginable shade of navy, grey and black

… because the thermostats in our bodies are broken thanks to the constant high temperatures in the wards. We would literally die of hypothermia in the freezer aisle of Tesco!

5) ProPlus/Red Bull/Relentless or whatever energy drink is on offer at the garage!

… again, not proud, but sometimes you just need to get high on caffeine because the high of life tends to drain away when you see ill people all day long!

6) Baby wipes

… because we eat, get changed, get food on our faces and/or discover we are covered in vomit/blood/faecal matter just as we are about to meet a friend for a coffee. Nice!

7) Tights/Hold-ups and spare socks

… Black, blue, tanned, with holes and usually laddered, because if it’s summer and we wear the skirt option, nobody wants to see our pasty/patchy, hairy, un-moisturised legs (we’re too busy looking after people to fake tan/ exfoliate and preen every day before work!).

8) Jewellery

… because we always forget to take it off, so our car dash consoles look like the inside of Claire’s accessories!

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