George Woodham

A regular feature to National Locums where our readers get a little bit of inside info on our wonderful team members. First up is the mighty George Woodham who has proven himself to be a valued member of our growing team.

1. What is your name and role:
George Woodham – Recruitment consultant – medicine department, medicine consultants

2. What does your job entail:
I place doctors in the NHS and private sector, for adhoc shifts or longer term requirements. Managing expectations with tailoring jobs to their needs and negotiating rates for them. I also assist doctors in finding accommodation.

3. How long have you worked for National Locums:
I started just over a year ago in Jan 2015 – I came in as a trainee with no recruitment experience. I was promoted in September, I have progressed a lot over the past year and I’m really enjoying my job!

4. What is the best bit about working here:
Working with great people, the good banter. There’s a really good spirit amongst the team which keeps us all motivated.

5. What is the most rewarding thing about your job:
Helping the doctors is a great experience, securing their first job in the UK and watching them grow and do well.

6. Who is your favourite team member and why:
Danny Moore – he is a great laugh – keeps me smiling during the day.

7. What is your favourite song of all time:
Heather Small: Proud, (theme song for the Sydney Olympics)

8. If you could sit on a seaside bench and have a picnic with anyone past or present, who would it be and why:
My Grandad – he passed away when I was young, it would be good to see him and make him proud and see how I’ve grown up.

9. If we wanted to find you on a Saturday night at 11pm where would you be and what would you be doing:
I would be at home with my girlfriend chilling and watching a film. I’ve grown out of the wild nights drinking these days!

10. Nominate a team member for the next Staff Focus: Michael Parkin

If you would like to talk to George about any vacancies or opportunities, contact him on his LinkedIn Profile