National Locums, the Milton Keynes-based medical recruitment agency, has made a successful start to its major European campaign to find top quality locum doctors and nurses for the NHS.

Company recruitment consultants Daniel Harvey and Linda Museka were in Porto and Lisbon June 6 and 7 and interviewed more than 80 doctors and nurses who would like to further their careers in the UK.

The campaign moves to Barcelona and Madrid last weekend (June 13 and 14) where National Locums’ team members Simon Adams and Manni Bhavra will be interviewing potential locums, before similar recruitment drives in Greece and Poland before the end of the month.

The National Locums team are emphasising to candidates the valuable role that locum medical professionals perform for the NHS.

Not only do they plug the gaps left by increasing numbers of doctors and nurses quitting Britain for new jobs abroad, there is an increasing appreciation that they are essential to sustain the NHS at the forefront of the world’s health services.

Quoted in ‘The Times’ (June 9), Maureen Baker, chairwoman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, said: “Locums provide an invaluable service to the NHS and our patients and form an integral part of the general practice team.

“At a time when we currently have a severe shortage of family doctors across the UK, it is essential that we do everything we can to encourage people to join our profession, whether as partnered, salaried or locum GPs.”

National Locums is one of Britain’s fastest-growing and most dynamic medical recruitment agencies. In the past 12 months, the company has found work for more than 4,000 doctors, and has regular assignments from 212 hospitals across the country.

During that period, the company also won coveted NHS audit Platinum status for the second year running, and added four new NHS Framework  awards to its roster.