On 12th November, Liam Oakes, our HR manager, is taking a trip to Hazeley Academy, which is local to our offices in Milton Keynes. In this session with Worktree he will be doing a Career WorkOut session with some of the students there. 

Career WorkOut introduces students to work guests, like Liam, from different work backgrounds so they can find out what it’s really like in different jobs. Students simply ask guests questions about his personal experiences of work.

Liam will join 7-12 other work guests to answer questions from small groups of 3-5 students in a carousel of 6-7 minute interviews, a bit like speed-networking!  

They’ll ask Liam open questions about his job, how he got it and what it’s like for him.  When the time is up, the students move to the next guest, and so on until the end of the session!

We feel it’s really important to get involved in the local community and help to nurture the future workforce. Liam will be reporting back next week after his visit to tell us all about his experience.