National Locums Team

We’ve taken a quick coffee break with Colin Price, head of the Psychiatry Team here at National Locums to find out more about them and get up close and personal…

1) Tell us about your team

The team is built up of Simon Adams, Danny Moore, Richard Coggins and myself. We are the formidable Psych team! We have the most experience within NL (factually the oldest), we have the best jokes, we are the best looking team, we have the most fun but work the hardest and prove that month on month. We cover everything to do with Mental Health and our clients are based within both the NHS and Private sector.  


2) What makes you different from other medical recruitment companies out there?

Having worked at another company for many years there is one huge difference which I have noticed since joining and that is that no matter what position you hold in the company, you are valued as much as the next. Whether you work in accounts, compliance, sales or Management, you are all welcome and made to feel part of the team. An open door to the top boss. I think this reverberates through to the clients and candidates we work with where any issue or success is shared with the same level of attention. What makes our team any different…  we try very very hard.


3) What strengths, experience and expertise do your individual team members possess.

Our team holds over 30 years combined experience so you can tell we are all pretty old. Despite our age we have developed with the times and still like to have a bit of fun with what we do. We cement relationships by going the “extra mile”, we take any challenge on and enjoy getting out and meeting as many people as we can.


4) What do you love most about what you do and why?

Personally I enjoy coming to this office because it’s a great place to work. I have friends here, the work is enjoyable and I’m never undervalued. For everyone else, they get to work with the Psych team, what more do they want!


5) If you weren’t working here what would you be doing instead?

Walking my cats, watching Jurassic Park or applying to be a football agent.


6) How has your team has made a difference to hospitals and patient care?

The Psych team have built relationships across the UK, by doing what we do, in the way that we do, I like to think we are making a contribution to improving care by filling roles and ensuring the right people are placed every time and ensures shortages are kept to a minimum.


7) Interesting facts about your team that we might not have known?

Simon enjoys Lucha Libre Wrestling, Richard is a former Goth Model, Danny enjoys getting his nails done at a Spa weekend and I have been in my own xmas rock video.


Well thanks for your time Colin, it’s been a pleasure!

If you want to work with Colin and his team whether you’re looking to fill a Psychiatry locum role or whether you’re looking to become one of our locums. Get in touch here or give us a call on  +44 (0) 1908 77 64 77