Everyone in the NHS and the medical recruitment community was buffeted, if not totally surprised, by the announcement late last year that hospital staffing officers would be set rigid new spending limits for locum doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

There were reports that some medical recruitment agencies simply wouldn’t shift on their profit margins, and were refusing to supply locums. And we know that caused real difficulty at some hospitals, which we were able to help.

National Locums has viewed the new spending regime as an opportunity to demonstrate that staffing problems can be resolved, providing there is a solid bond of trust between hospital and agency.

Here is how National Locums maintains, and builds, trust with its NHS clients. By being….

  • Transparent about the cost of locums – how much the doctor is being paid, and how much we are making.
  • Realistic about our own profit margins, which are in the 12-14% range – modest, sensible and sufficient for reinvestment in our business for staff and systems.
  • Rigorous in minimising ‘no shows’ – we are in constant contact with our locums right up until the time they walk through the hospital doors, and
  • Responsible We will only supply a locum who we would be happy treating our own families and friends.

Trust. It’s a small word with big implications. And it is the basis on which we work with hospitals to ensure that, whatever the financial challenges, the right medical professionals can be supplied at the right time and at the right remuneration.