We grabbed our lovely in-house Nurse, Debs, for 10 minutes to talk nursing, travels, and Great Danes…

Debs, tell us about yourself, what did you do before you joined National Locums?

I worked all over the country as a district nurse sister. From a Macmillan palliative care nurse, to a dementia nurse, to specialising in Lymphoedema… I definitely saw my fair share of the UK working in both rural and urban areas.

Wow, sounds interesting! How did you find it?

Loved it, but after 40 years I was ready to direct my skills to somewhere new and try something different.

… and that’s how we’re lucky enough to have you here at National Locums!

Yes, after working for National Locums as an agency nurse, I was told of an opening for a nurse to be part of the team. I loved working with the guys here so much, I couldn’t say no!

Tell us about your role within National Locums.

I compile and conduct interviews for our candidates, as well as appraisals and complaints. I even have my own Skype interview room which is pretty cool! It’s handy to have someone like myself within the company with nursing knowledge, and someone who understands the life of a nurse. It really helps us to understand just that little bit more about the needs of our candidates!

You must have had some embarrassing moments during your life as a nurse… care to share?!

Well… I once visited a patient at their home. As I entered, a member of their family was holding back a Great Dane that was frantically barking and jumping around. I managed to swiftly squeeze my way past to see the patient in the other room. As I left the patient, there were nobody around but the huge, excitable, human-sized dog! He made a bee-line for me (nearly knocking me over!) and let’s just say he was rather excited to see my leg!! He wouldn’t leave me alone so I had no other option than to shout for help. Eventually, their neighbour came to the rescue!

Being a nurse sounds pretty hectic, did you ever get a chance to travel?

When I was 22, I went to Canada on a holiday. I fell in love with the place and just knew I had to return. So when I got home, I quit my job, sold practically all my belongings, packed my bags and off I went to Canada for a year! It was an incredible year that I will never forget. I returned from my adventure and that’s when I became a district nurse.

Sounds amazing, a well deserved break it seems! Thanks for your time Debs, we’ve loved chatting to you today… If you have more funny nursing stories, you know where we are!