We took a moment to chat with 23 year old Ryan Don, one of National Locum’s Principle Consultants…

Ryan, you’ve been here with us at National Locums for quite a while, how old were you when you joined the company?

I was 17 years old when I first started here at National Locums.

Wow, so young! What made you get into medical recruitment?

I had only just completed my A levels so I didn’t have any previous recruitment experience. My Dad has always worked in recruitment so I knew there are a lot of career opportunities.

Take us through your journey with National Locums…

I started National Locums as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, working my way up to a Recruitment Consultant until I progressed into a Senior Recruitment Consultant Role. I then worked as a Team Leader for a year, before taking up a Principle Consultant role in October 2017, which is the level I’m currently working at.

What are your highlights working here?

Elite Club is always the highlight, getting rewarded for the hard work I put in throughout the year. The people I have worked with and still work with always make the office environment fantastic and of course – the annual Christmas party & Awards Evening is top notch!

What challenges have you overcome whilst working in recruitment?

The beauty of recruitment is that there are always ups and downs, the challenges for me are maintaining workload and time management.

Who’s your idol/inspiration?

Our Sales Director, Simon Hill. He’s the greatest of all time and shows us the way year in, year out!

If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

I would love to be a stock trader on Wall Street.

What do you enjoy doing at the weekend?

Football is my passion, I play Saturdays and Sundays so that takes up quite a bit of time. Outside of that I spend time with my friends and family.

You’ve qualified for Elite Club twice now, and you’ve already qualified for next year, which has been your favourite trip? Where would you like to see the Elite Club jet off to next year?

My first year in Vegas will always be the best – unbelievable! I would love a trip to Jamaica or Bali next.

Ryan, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you! Keep up the hard work and enjoy the next Elite Club trip, you deserve it!