Nursing Jobs in Jersey

Our Nurses rate National Locums as the best nursing agency in the UK. We take pride in finding nurses nursing jobs that truly meet their needs and ambitions. Our nursing consultants work hard for their nurses to deliver the best experience. We are motivated by the help and support we give our nurses. We are proud to support them delivering safe patient care in some of the country’s leading hospitals.

Our consultants work closely with their nurses to understand them and help them. A key question we always ask is ‘what can we do?’ to be better for their nurses and hospitals.

Improvement is the force that drives our service. This is why we get great feedback from our nurses. Here is an example from Godfrey a Mental Health Nurse who works in Jersey through National Locums.

“I had been an agency nurse for a few years before deciding to choose National Locums. The thing I like most about working through them is they are realistic and they don’t let me down. I wanted to work in the Channel Islands over the summer season and they got me a fantastic job in Jersey. The island is lovely and the team here are amazing. I have been talking with my consultant about going full time here as I don’t want to go back to mainland hospitals. It’s just a different feel here.’

Godfrey RMN 2019

Jersey remains a popular choice with our nurses. It is a beautiful island and is easy to get to. The feedback we receive always points to how great the team is and how our nurses are valued and treated well.

Break out of the concrete jungle. Contact a National Locums Nursing expert and make it happen.

Fun fact about Jersey:
Jersey has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world. At low tide the island nearly doubles in size. Be careful, their fast tides are dangerous so never explore at low tide without a guide or expert.

Work at Jersey Hospital

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