Nursing Jobs in Orkney

National Locums pride themselves in supporting nurses across the UK to find their perfect nursing job and achieve their ambitions and goals. Sometimes our nurses request something special, it might be a specialist role or a location that falls outside of the UK mainland. In any event National Locums have the experts and the contacts to make it happen for our nurses.

Our nursing team are dedicated and driven to provide the best nursing agency experience and that is why they are always asking for feedback from their nurses on the work they do. Constant improvement is central to our passion for nursing.

Abigail a Band 5 Nurse with experience in acute medical and surgical wards recently contacted us looking for work in an island location. As she put it ‘I have Orkney as a bucket list location’. It’s not surprising why this hospital would be attractive to nurses looking for their next nursing role as it is a beautiful place.

Abigail gave us feedback on her experience with National Locums as her nursing agency of choice and the work she does in Orkney:

Most people think I am a little crazy when I say Orkney was a place I had to visit on my bucket list, but if they go there and experience the natural beauty of the place as well as the warm welcoming people they will get it. My consultant calls me regularly about opportunities that come in for my experience and skills. He mentioned Orkney as a location, we had exchanged bucket list locations in the past when working together on other bookings. Between his knowledge of my needs and wants and the hospitals genuinely warm welcome I am now very happy. I hope to make this location a regular in my schedule and I look forward to working here long term.

Abigail RGN Band 5 2019

Fun facts about Orkney:
In midsummer, the sun does not set until 22.30 and the sun is above the horizon for 18 hours a day.

The shortest scheduled air route in the world is between Westray (population 700) and Papa Westray (population 85), two of the Orkney islands. The flight time 1.5 minutes!

Work at Orkney Hospital

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