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5 reasons why being a National Locums nurse can benefit your life

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Written by April Groves

Brexit, Covid-19 and an ageing population have called for a swift reply from heroes in the healthcare industry, particularly the role of nurses. This recent surge in the need for nurses across the NHS has opened the door of opportunity for agency nurses across the UK, so what are the benefits for working as an agency nurse and why should you consider becoming one?


Different working environments:

A happy work environment is always a productive one! Opening the door to new environments can mean less stress (to keep you happy at work), a diverse workload (to keep you on your toes) and the chance to meet interesting new people (I don’t really have to explain this one).

Next day pay runs:

Ever find yourself surviving until the next payday, agency nurses are enrolled in next day pay runs meaning easier money management as you go along. Now you can treat yourself to those shoes you’ve been eyeing up or treat your kids to a day out.

Consistent work across the UK:

Consistent shifts are undoubtedly one of the main benefits within agency nursing; however, it’s more than just consistency. Working across the UK opens opportunities you can’t find anywhere else: new working environments, greater shift variety and new avenues to progress into which will help your career progression too.

Personalised Service:

Here at National Locums we will always strive to make you feel valued as an individual; professionalism and our friendly, welcoming approach are two of our core values. This ensures that your experience as an agency nurse will be directly associated with our consultancy and compliance teams, who work tirelessly to ensure your employment is enjoyable as it can possibly be.


Not a fan of the night shift? Looking for more family time? The role of an agency nurse is tailored to fit your own personal preference when it comes to hours, shifts and locations.

Perfect for those adaptable and open to new environments. Better flexibility can mean whatever you want it to mean. Looking for a role close to home? You’ve got it! Need some extra shifts on top of your current role? No problem! Why wouldn’t you want work tailored to your specific needs?


If this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t! Join us today and take advantage of these amazing benefits and become a locum with us. Call 01908 77 64 77 or register at

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